The reason for this blog

Listening for the first time to a radio drama, is like entering a new world. You hear adventures, drama, thrilling detectives, or very funny stories, just as if you were watching a movie, but then again there is no screen, only your fantasy. The actors provide the voices, you have to provide the faces, the landscape.

In the early years of radio, radio drama was the only form of entertainment for the common people. Yes, there were the movie theaters, but you had to pay for it. Radio was for everyday, and it was free. Radio brought drama and adventures, day after day, week after week. You could hear Dr. Kildare and Dragnet, you could hear Black Museum and Academy Award. People from over the whole world were admiring their heroes via the radio.

But then came tv. Radio was reduced to a medium that brought information and music – adventure was something that implied moving images, and that was suddenly something only tv could do. From time to time a new radio drama was produced, but only because a fan of old time radio believed in the survival of this medium. People with a visual handicap were the only loyal fans of the radio drama. But evidently their number was not important enough to convince the radiomakers to continue making radiodrama.

And then the portable MP3 player arrived. One was no longer restricted to listening to audio (music, e-books or radio plays) at a predefined moment, in a predefined format. One could download through the internet audio files in the preferred format, listen to it where and when one would like – on the computer, or transfer it to the MP3 player and listen to it while working in the garding, cleaning the car, or walking. Or, even, sitting in an easy chair, at night, with the lighs dimmed, through the headphones, without any radio. The magic of the old time radio transferred through time and medium, to the new generation.

We have felt the magic of radiodrama, of the old time theater plays as well as the new productions. We believe the time is right for a revival of radiodrama, a revival to which it is entitled. That is what we intend to do with this blog.

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