How to listen to radiodrama on your computer in streaming media?

There are various ways to listen to a radiodrama on your computer, depending on the form in which it is offered on the website. Some radiodrama can simply be downloaded and treated as any other MP3 file, others can only be listened to in “live” (streaming) form, when visiting the website which is offering the radioplay. This is mainly due to regulations regarding copyright, and to bandwith problems.

Most modern computers already have a program installed for listening to “streaming media”. But if, when clicking a link to a “live” radioplay, you get an error, this means that your computer lacks the adequate software, and you will have to install it.

Which program to choose? This depends on the form in which the play is offered. Most often it is a .m3u file (move your pointer over the link to the file, and look at the 3 charachters long extension of the file). If that is the case, you can download one of the following programs:

* QuickTime
* VLC Media Player
* Windows Media Player
* RealPlayer

However, if it is a .pls file, you need one of these programs:

* iTunes
* QuickTime
* Real Player
* WinAmp ()

An excellent site with tips on how to listen to streaming media can be found here.

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