How to save a radioplay in streaming format to your computer?

For some people the computer has become the radio of yesterdays: thanks to the intenret one can listen to radiostations from over the whole world. Many internauts will even connect their computer to the stereosystem, so that they can listen to the radioplays they find on the internet sitting in their lazy chair.

But what if you don’t want to listen to the play live, and prefer to put the play as an audiofile (MP3) on your portable player (iPod or other) and listen to it while you work in the garden, do some ironing or some household chores? Unfortunately, some of the radioplays are only available in streaming format, mostly because of copyright reasons…. But don’t despair: there are ways to save the stream locally on your computer, so that you can transfer it to your player.
1. RealPlayer
For this method it is imperative that you use RealPLayer to listen to the streaming media (.pls or .m3u). With RealMedia you can record the stream (audio or video) which is played in RealPlayer to your computer. You can start recording by clicking on File – Record. The stream will be recorded, and saved to your Realplayer Library, which you can find in the RealPlayer directory on your hard disk.

But maybe your computer is opening a .pls or .m3u file with another player? In that case you should tell your computer to use from now on RealPlayer. Do as follows (Windows Vista): Go to Start / Settings / Control Panel / Default Programs. Choose “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”. Now your computer needs some time to compose a list of all existing associations. Navigate this list till you find .pls or .m3u. Click on it, and choose “Change Program” in the upper right corner. Navigate on your computer to the RealPlayer directory, and click on real.exe. Confirm and close the dialog window. From now on the .m3u or .mp3 stream will be opened by RealPlayer, and you can save the stream to your computer.

2. Special recording software
For the second method you will need software which records everything that passes through your soundcard. Choose this method only for files for which the publisher has made the recording in RealPlayer impossible. This method has a disadvantage: àll sounds are recorded, including the system sounds (new mail, error, etc). This means that you cannot do any other work on your computer while recording the stream. One of the programs for recording via the soundcard is Freecorder ( -(Windows 2000/XP/VIsta – Firefox 1.5 of later, IE 5.0 or later)


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