How to download a radiodrama in MP3 format?

On some sites you can only listen to radiodrama in streaming format, bur there are many sites where you can download radioplays in .mp3 format. Jjust clicking on the link however  would start up your mediaplayer (QuickTime, Windows Media Player…) and the file would be played in streaming format. And that was not what you intended!

If you want to download the .mp3 file to your computer, you should not simply doubleclick on the file, but you should click on it with the right mousebutton, and choose “save link as…”. This opens a window in which you are asked if you want to save the file on your computer. It suggests a name, and a location. You should check these data, and change them if needed. Some files are only named “1.mp3” or “chapter1.mp3”; you should at least add the name of the radioplay, and the chapter.

If the play consists of various chapters, it is advised to create a special map for the series (click on File / Organize / New folder). We also recommend that you make a special location on your hard disk for storing the radioplays – make a folder in Music, or Documents, so that you can build your own library with radioplays. We can assure you that, once you get bitten by the radiodrama bug, you can’t stop collecting!

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