How to download a radiodrama podcast?

Nowadays numerous sites offer radiodrama as a podcast. Simply said, they offer you a way to download at once all episodes that have been published yet, and a way to be informed when future episodes are published, so that you can download them also. And then you can listen to them on your computer, or transfer them to your portable player, and listen to them wherever and whenever you want.

Podcasts work with “feeds” to which you have to subscribe. But don’t worry: “subscribing” does not mean you have to take your creditcard from you pocket! Most podcasts are free. But you need to have special software on your computer to follow up on these feeds, the “feed reader” (in a next article we will go into detail about those readers). And you need to put the address of this “feed” (the podcast) into the reader. That is all you have to do, and from now on the episodes arrive automaticly on your computer, in the folder of your likings.

So you need a “feedreader”, software to read the “feeds” which keep you informed of the new episodes; you need the address of the “feed”. Normally you can enter the address of a feed in almost any reader, but there is one exception: iTunes. Yeah, Apple again with its own pecularities… The iTunes store has a lot of addresses of drama feeds, but only in a special form, to be used for subscription through your iTunes software.

Fortunately most websites which offer feeds for podcasts, mention the iTunes feed next to the regular feed. In the various series of radiodramas we will discuss in this blog, we will try to mention as well the regular feed as the iTunes feed.

In a next chapter we will discuss the different readers, and how to subscribe to a podcast.

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