How to use iTunes as feedreader for radiodrama podcasts?

Some publishers offer a radiodrama as a podcast. This means that you can download all the episodes that have been published until now with just one click of the mouse, and that you will be kept informed of every new episode that will be published in the future.

To follow up on podcasts of radiodrama, you need a “feedreader” (or podcastreader). iTunes is such a reader, and it is very easy to use, especially because you can find an extensive list with radioplays in the iTunes Store, and you can subscribe to them with just one click.

You start bij doing a search for radiodrama in iTunes. Click on the iTunes Store. In the left pane, click on Podcasts. In the top right side you find a search form. Fill in a keyword such as “old time radio” or “radiodrama” or “agatha christie”. We take the keyword “detective”. The list with results contains as well movies, books as podcast. Refine the results by clicking on the top left button “all results” and choose “podcasts”. Now you get a list with various podcasts for radioplays, including the “Agatha Presents Mysteries”. This seems a very popular podcast, as indicated bij the “popularity column”. So we choose this one to explore it, and click on the arrow next to the title of the podcast. It opens a list in the lower part of the pane, with all the episodes, duration, release date, and a summary of the content. And of course the price…. which is free!

When you click on the title of an episode, it will be played in streaming media in iTunes. If you like the content, you can download the episode by clicking on the button “Get Episode”. But if you are confident enough that you will like it, then you can take a free subscription, by clicking on the button “subscribe” which you will find in the upper part of the page.The podcast will now be added tot all the other podcasts (if you had been doing some subscribing before, that is). You can download all podcasts one by one, and will be informed of all new podcasts which are published.

What to do when there is a podcast that you know to exist, and of which you know the address of the feed, but that you can’t find in the iTunes Store? No problem: you can subscribe through iTunes to the podcast, even if it is not mentioned in the iTunes Store. All you have to do is click on the button “Advanced” in the top menu, and choose “subscribe to podcast”. In the next window you copy the address of the feed of this podcast. Click OK to confirm, and the subscription is noted.

How do you find out the address of a feed of a radio drama? That’s easy: if there is a feed available on a blog, a radiodrama, or whatever website that offers new content on regular intervals, you can recognize the feed by the rss-symbol in the address bar (IE or Firefox). Click on this symbol, and you will see the webaddress of the feed in a new page. Copy this address to your favourite feedreader.

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  1. May I meekly suggest my podcast RSS to start people off 🙂

    I also highly recommend the MediaMonkey ( podcast reader/music player. Leaner than iTunes, though it doesn’t of course have the store and all that. It does a great job both tracking all of your music, playing it without sucking up too much of your computer’s resources, and can do cool stuff like encode/recode mp3 and other audio files.

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