How to listen to a radiodrama on your portable MP3 player?

Of course you could use your brand new computer as an old radio, and you could listen to a radiodrama through the loudspeakers which are connected to your computer – whether the play is in streaming format, or a downloaded MP3 file. But then again, you are confined to your computer, and you can’t do anything else in the meantime.

That is why we prefer to transfer the downloaded MP3 to a portable MP3 player. That way you can listen to the MP3 file whereever and whenever you like: during household chores, when cleaning or ironing, when gardening or washing the car, when walking or sitting in a lazy chair…

You don’t have an MP3 player yet? Well, it would be worthed to enter the era of the walking human who hears voices in his head! An MP3 player does not have to cost much money, and should not be very complicated to use. And no, you really don’t need an expensive iPod either – a cheap MP3 player that you can buy at Walmart can do the trick too.

So in the next chapters we will deal with the following subjects:
1. Which player to choose? What are the requirements of a player, to be able to listen to a radiodrama?
2. How to transfer the files to your player?
3. Help! My player does not play this file format. How to convert it?

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