Maigret and the Minister

Genre: Serie – Maigret – Detective – ENG(UK)
Main Character: Inspector Maigret (13)
Episode: 1/1
Broadcasted: 17/jul/77

Plot: The French minister of Public Affairs phones Maigret from a phone boot: he is in serious trouble. Despite the negative advise he had received, a public school has been built nevertheless, but collapsed afterwards, causing the death of 128 children. An investigation will follow this tragic event, and the minister is afraid that he will be accused of a coverup: the negative report which an anonymous person had given to him, has disappeared.

Author: Georges    Simenon
Director: Betty    Davis
Actors: Maurice Denham (Maigret), Michael Gough (Simenon), Irene Southcliff (Mme Maigret), Sean Barett (Janvier), John Rye (Lapointe), Brian Haynes (Lucas), Peter Pratt (Auguste Point)
Length: 0:50
Appreciation: ****
Download: (47,1MB)
Sound quality: **** (143 kbps – VBR    )

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